MTH Electric Leipzig Tinplate Station


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Continental epoch.

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MTH Electric Leipzig Tinplate Station

MTH has undertaken a licensing agreement with Märklin to reproduce a series of classic model railway accessories from the mid-20th century for a whole new generation of tinplate enthusiasts. With a true European look and feel, this wonderful station adds a degree of magic to any O gauge layout that modern, scale lineside accessories fail to deliver. One of the real gems of the early years of European tinplate model railway production was the Märklin Big City Station which was modelled on the then new 1915 Leipzig Station construction. The actual main line station in Leipzig was huge (it’s still the largest station complex in Europe today) with a total of 24 platforms that were run by two provincial German railway companies before they merged into the Deutsche Reichsbahn national railway.

Märklin’s production of the station was interrupted by WW1 but it was eventually added to their 1919 -1920 catalogue in both O gauge and gauge 1. The station was produced for over ten years and over time it has become a much sought after collectors’ item. MTH has recently reproduced this finely detailed classic very much to its original form which certainly captures the architectural lines of the original model. The Leipzig City Station is a fully painted stamped metal construction model with lit interiors, comes fully assembled and is available in English, German and French language versions. The Leipzig City Station dimensions measure 90cm (35 1/2″) x 40cm (16″) x 34cm (13 1/4″).