MTH Electric Hellgate Bridge


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Pre-grouping, Big Four and British Railways eras, and Continental epochs I, II, III, IV and V.

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MTH Electric Hellgate Bridge

MTH has undertaken a series of licensing agreements with Lionel Corporation to reproduce a series of classic model railway accessories from the mid-20th century for a whole new generation of tinplate enthusiasts. Emanating from both North American and European traditions, these wonderful bridges and buildings provide scale, substance and a certain degree of magic to layouts that modern, scale lineside accessories fail to match. The Hellgate Bridge (officially known as the East River Arch Bridge) was conceived in the early part of the 20th century and formed part of a plan to link the New York and Pennsylvania Railroad with the New England and New Haven Railroad. It gained its nickname because of the dangerous swirling waters beneath it eventually being constructed between 1912 and 1916. The steel arched rail road bridge crosses the Hellgate, a straight of the East River in New York. Its 310m (1,017’) length span is the largest of three bridges that form the Hellgate complex.

The MTH Lionel Corporation Tinplate Collection Hellgate Bridge (which first appeared in the Lionel brochure of 1928) was a faithful depiction of the original bridge and has become one of the best loved accessories in the hobby. Recreated in brass and tinplate it can be used at ground level on simple layouts or as part of a raised or elevated structure. Depending on individual requirements it can be used as a single or twin track O gauge line. The Hellgate Bridge later provided the inspiration for the later Tyne Bridge linking Gateshead with the City of Newcastle (and also the Sydney Harbour Bridge) so it’s perfectly at home in a British or continental setting.

The MTH Hellgate Bridge certainly captures the style of the original steel structure: It is a fully painted stamped metal construction model incorporating brass identification plates, handrails and realistic mood setting lighting. The Hellgate Bridge dimensions measure: length 80cm (30 1/2″), width 30cm (11 3/4″) and height 29cm (11 1/4″).