Darstaed Southern Railway Bulleid Malachite Green Coaches



Darstaed Southern Railway Bulleid Malachite Green Coaches

Following Bulleid’s appointment as Southern’s CME in 1937, he became actively involved in the electrification of large swathes of Southern’s territory and specifically the development of electric multiple unit coaching stock. However, he later turned his attentions to steam-hauled corridor coaches considering Maunsell’s previous efforts to be solid but ‘old fashioned’. Bulleid’s coach designs were more or less a complete revolution, ignoring what had gone before and in so doing he created a range of stock and style that was known for its size and spaciousness receiving a very favourable reaction from the travelling public.

Bulleid’s new stock was longer at 64.5’ with bow ended bodies. They were timber and steel construction with wide deep windows incorporating sliding ventilator windows within outer steel sheeting. Bulleid coaches incorporated Pullman style gangways in recognition of the extensive arrangement the company had running with Pullman stock. In addition, there was a mix of open and part side corridor accommodation but a specific feature was the introduction of open saloon seating with two-plus-three astride the off-centre passageway.

Bulleid coaches continued the Southern approach of running in the consistent manner of set formations – normally two- three- and four-coach sets although for Bournemouth they were six-coach dining sets with set numbers appearing on brake ends and solebars. They were particularly robust and continued for many years as standard BR stock. The best elements of Bulleid’s coach design – size and layout – was to be incorporated in British Railways (BR) Mk 1 stock. Bulleid coaches continued to be built on BR Southern Region until 1951 and after 1954 were allowed to be used outside of the former Southern territory.

Darstaed’s Southern Railway Bulleid malachite green mainline coaches are released in two sets of three coaches.