Darstaed Pre-war and Wartime Double Bogie Tankers


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Big Four era.

Pre-war and wartime liveries.

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Darstaed Pre-war and Wartime Double Bogie Tankers

Darstaed over the past few years has developed quite an extensive range of freight wagons – the latest being the double bogie tankers. These bogie tankers – often a mix of business ownership between corporate private-owners and the railway companies – are innovative and a real departure for O gauge followers. They really capture the essence of the Hornby Dublo period when fast-freight block trains really became closely entwined with railway modernisation. Used in conjunction with ACE 9F and Black 5 locomotives and together with the combined Warship diesel-hydraulic offering the bogie tankers will certainly look the part in heavy goods working.

They cover the Big Four period when from the 1930s tanker traffic was first really utilised to the BR era when the fast movement of bulk liquids (fuels, chemicals and foodstuffs) became crucial in order to combat the increasingly competitive incursions of road based freight transport. Many of the companies however, ran integrated distribution systems for bulk liquids using both rail and road transport. The Darstaed branded tankers also echo well-known advertising slogans from the 1950s and 1960s which so characterise this period of time.

The double bogie tankers are manufactured with finely detailed sprung bogie chassis, sprung buffers, free-running cast spoked wheels, drop link couplings and will be suitable for both two and three rail running. These authentic looking tankers incorporating solebar details will add colour to your freight trains but, more importantly, will complement existing ACE, Bassett-Lowke and Darstaed private and railway company owned vans, open, coal and mineral wagons. In addition, rakes of tankers look perfect with Darstaed tail lit full brake and six-wheeled Stove R coaches as this became standard railway practice.