Darstaed Engine Sheds


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Pre-grouping, Big Four and British Railways eras.

ES 1 Single Track length 35cm (13.8″), width 12.6cm (5″) and height 21cm (8.2″).

ES 2 Double Track length 35cm (13.8″), width 23.1cm (9″) and height 23.2cm (9.1″).

Extensions ES 1E and ES 2E length with extension 70cm (27.5″).

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Darstaed Engine Sheds

The Darstaed engine sheds are a re-creation with a modern twist of the iconic Hornby O gauge shed first produced in 1928. Known as the no: 2 it was the largest tin printed accessory manufactured by the company which would see production lasting up until the outbreak of WW2 in 1939. The Hornby engine shed was not a cheap accessory becoming the preserve of those that could afford it.

The new Darstaed building captures the essence of the earlier Hornby tin printed models but created in a modular design format where groups of individual sheds can be joined together to create a bigger structure. A considerable amount of detailed work has gone into the new design version ensuring brickwork colours, positioning of brick patterns, the types of tiling and positions of the windows are all absolutely correct. One of the innovative features of the engine shed is that it does not possess a solid base which means it can be used with a wide variety of proprietary track systems commonly found throughout gauge O. The engine shed comes fully assembled and with double doors at the front and rear this means the shed can be easily joined up with another to create the larger building as seen in the associated product images. The single shed length is suitable for British and European non-tender locomotives whilst the extended shed allows most tender locomotives to be accommodated. The engine sheds come with printed interiors, are installed with lighting and when fully lit light permeates the glazed acrylic windows and roof sky lights with louvered sides – in a darkened room this setting looks fabulous.