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ACE Trains on Peco two rail track

We’re running ACE Trains on Peco’s superb O gauge two rail track. ACE wheels have a back to back of 27.5 mm with slightly reduced flange depths than other coarse model railway manufacturers. This makes them suitable for most proprietary two and three rail track types. This includes angular and tubular tinplate style three rail track together with Peco fine scale codes 124 bullhead, 143 flatbottom and coarse scale SM 32 two rail track. Running ACE locomotives, coaches and freight stock produced since 2008 on Peco 124 bullhead, 143 flatbottom and SM 32 two rail track should present no problem as the flange wheel depth should not rub against the chair bottom.

With Peco manufactured points – other than SM32 – some adjustments will be necessary to remove the check rail as the point is no longer produced with an adjustable screw. If running large ACE locomotives it may be sensible to select wide radius points at the outset as they may have some difficulty negotiating tight radius points. Short wheel based ACE locomotives should have no problems with any radii points.

Two rail railway modellers however, may prefer to build their own points to their specifications using Peco’s standard point parts. ACE locomotives, coaches and freight stock manufactured before 2008 were produced to a coarse scale standard with heavier tinplate style wheel flanges and may be appropriate for three rail running only. If rolling stock has been changed to ACE universal wheels they should run in the same way as all post 2008 production.